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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

We’ve hand picked a few of our MOST asked questions on a daily basis.

Do I need a WOF to get a Registration?

Yes.  If you have a current WOF when your registration is due then you dont need to get a new WOF check.

If however when your registration is due and your WOF is expired then you will need to come in for a WOF check – as you cannot obtain a Registration without a valid and current WOF.

Can you tell me how I can fix (insert issue) for really really cheap?

We get this ALL the time! We certainly can suggest different ways to fix your car.  But its also important you understand the implications of each.

 A less expensive job may be a temporary solution, if you have a late model vehicle.  Its also important to value and understand the safety implications involved.

We will always make recommendations that take all the above into account especially your safety and safety of others that we share the road with.

Do you install accessories?

Yes we certainly can!  See our services page for a detailed list of our services.. We can install reversing cameras, alarms, cameras and any accessory you need to put in. 

How often do I need a WOF?

Older cars — those registered before 2000 — need a warrant of fitness issued every six months.

Vehicles registered after 2000 need a warrant once a year.

New cars don’t need a warrant until three years after they are first registered. After that they need to be inspected annually.


Do you have a waiting room?

We have an extremely comfortable and warm waiting area.  There is free coffee, tea, milo, water and tea biscuits.  Free WIFI and an area in the kitchen for pluggin in laptops if you need to work.


Can you source secondhand parts for my car?

We sure can!  We will always recommend parts that are fit for purpose – to ensure a safe and thorough repair.

Are you a breakdown service?

While we have on numerous occasions helped our customers out with breakdowns – we are predominantly a mechanical repairs and panel shop. We do go out of our way too so if you do get stuck and you choose to tow to our workshop – dont hesitate to reach out – we use a reliable tower.

What is a diagnostic scan?

Its done by plugging a special computer into your car, so it can read your in-car computer. Faults that can be read are; engine lights, ABS braking lights, air bag lights, and many of other warnings that can occur throughout the life of the car.  If there is an error the computer pin points the exact issue with a code.
It will give a more in-depth idea of why a light is on..etc.

What if you cant fix my car?

Did you know we have not had one yet? However under the circumstances that we cannot fix an issue that you may have OR you are not happy  with a solution we have to offer – we will ALWAYS be honest enough to tell you (its a very important value for our shop).  We will go as far as pointing you in the direction of another repairer that can – so that we too can stand by it.

Can I drop my car off before and/or after operating hours?

Yes you can!  We can arrange for someone to meet you on site – no earlier that 5.00am and no later than 7.30pm.  Alternatively we are we have a pickup service that operates during normal work hours.

What happens if my WOF fails – do I still need to pay the WOF fee?

Yes – you will still need to pay the WOF fee even if your WOF fails.  You will be given a checksheet by our WOF Inspector with a list of ‘fail items’ these need to be rectified WITHIN 28 days of the WOF check and you wont pay another WOF fee when you come back to recheck.

If outside these 28 days then you will  have to pay another fee for another check.

Can I use a courtesy car?

If you are leaving your car here with us for a service, repair etc.  We offer free courtesy cars (automatic and manual transmission) for you to use FREE of charge.  Petrol not included and copy of your drivers licence is needed.

Do you do after hours callouts?

We dont really, however we have been known to help our customers out outside our normal operating hours….we just can’t help it…

Can I ask for all my old parts back after you repair?

Yes you certainly can!  Most people like to get a second opinion on what had been replaced and we encourage this.  We usually ask our customers if they wish to do this prior to getting their vehicle back.

If my car has been repaired at another shop and I am not happy with the work?  Can I bring it in for you to have a look at for a second opinion?

We always suggest carrying this process out before you settle on a garage to fix.  We also understand that not all garages will be honest or have the skill in carrying out some repair work.  We have also seen alot of very bad jobs and have had to fix them.

We suggest first discussing with the garage that completed the work for you or at least a remedy, if no remedy can be found and depending on the work carried out we would need the vehicle, your invoice and any old parts that have been replaced to have a look at, as there are numerous scenarios we sometimes cannot help, however know that we will make definitely repair it correctly if we see that it may have serious safety implications for you.

You can then take up a dispute with the Disputes Tribunal to recoup costs.

How long does it take usually to source parts?

It all depends on availability.  From confirmation of order with our suppliers it can take: 

  • Locally — same day
  • Outside AKl in NZ — overnight
  • Australia — two to three days
  • Japan – two to three weeks
  • Singapore – five days
  • Europe — two to four weeks
  • US – three to four weeks
  • Germany – three to four weeks
  • Malaysia – three to four weeks

Do you do WINZ quotes and how does it work?

  • Yes we do – we are a preferred repairer in the WINZ system and they are free although dependent on the issues:

WOF Inspection and WOF Repairs
You will still need to pay the $40 fee for the WOF Inspection and then any repairs required can be quoted to WINZ

Repairs Diagnosed by another shop
If you have had your car check by another workshop we always like to do our own checks however this is not compulsory.  So if you still wish for us to quote we can but you need to be aware that if any additional damage/repair is found this will be in addition to what is quoted, we can carry out our own checks free of charge

All other quotes are provided free of charge.



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