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We understand that unexpected repairs is not something you plan for!  This is why we offer a range of payment options for you – (putting someone into credit is definitely not ideal).  However on the odd occasion after weighing up options and your needs – sometimes given the circumstances it is often the last resort and if it is you should choose an option that is the lowest or no interest at all!

We have managed to partner up with a few companies that offer a range of interest free options and are still currently trying to negotiate some great rates for our customers with various finance companies that we intend to align with.

Payment Options

Go Interest Free.

As well as offering cash, eftpos, credit card payment options we also offer the following finance options – we also align with finance companies that offer competitive rates if not at least a negotiated Interest Free term. We are not financial advisors but always best to make the most of the interest free period and pay your debt off as quickly as possible!  See our options below:

Genoa Pay

Pay over 10 weeks. No interest, No fees. Be approved for up to $1000 online. So for $1000 you repay back $100 a week. All you need is your drivers licence and credit card details. Instant Approvals.
Go to Genoa Pay

Q Card

We accept Q Card at our sites. Its another form of payment providing payment solutions for customers. They offer 3 months no payment and no interest. Keep in mind the standard interest rate is 25.99% and annual fee of $50. So best to make use of the 3 months to pay it off quickly.
Go to Q Card

WINZ Payment Card

We are aligned with WINZ and can accept the green WINZ payment cards.

Trade my Time

A discount on labour we both agree to - IF IN EXCHANGE you can do/use your time or skills to do something for someone in the community! We work alongside Mangere East Family Centre (www.mefsc.org.nz) and we can refer you to Peter and his team to (work in the community gardens, sort clothing for families and work in the centre). Talk to Us!

GEM Visa Card

We accept Gem Visa Card. Another fiance company offered by Latitude finance that also offer interest free periods.

still need help?
Always talk to Us! There are plenty of ways we can negotiate payment of your bill.

There are endless solutions if you get completely stuck with your finances – monetary value is not the only form of payment and exchange! Thats how we work!

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