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For all your automotive repair needs – don’t hesitate to hit us up! We are a trusted Auto Repair Workshop! Your car is in good hands, we have the latest equipment as well a huge database of suppliers!  We can do all mechanical repairs.  We also panel and paint vehicles. If you need parts we can get any part you require through our most trusted network of suppliers in NZ, Australia and the US.  We have a wealth of knowledge in the industry as well as rich list of other trusted repairers – yes we refer you to other shops too…if ever we have a solution that does not meet your needs.  Even if its questions or advice – don’t be shy,  just call us! There is absolutely no obligation to repair your car at our workshop.  We do what works for you!

Phone Before We Fix

Last thing you want is a surprise when you return to collect your car. Any work that is conducted we guarantee to call to discuss before we proceed. We will however do our own thorough checks to ensure that what you think needs fixing is exactly what is required.


We understand that cost is very important when it comes to repairs and servicing. Some repairs are expensive but we guarantee that will keep our prices as low as possible. Don't be surprised if we can’t tell you what is wrong straight away. Sometimes it is obvious and we see it straight away - other times we need to invest time doing a process of elimination.

Courtesy Cars

No we don't charge for them! They are FREE for anyone leaving their vehicle with us to fix! We do require you to be a full licence driver, petrol not included.

Drop Off Service

Cant drop your car off? No problem we can pick it up from work or home. And drop it back to you. Need to go somewhere when you leave your car with us but no ride? We can drive you to bus stop, mall, or home and vice versa!

WINZ Quotes

We are enrolled with WINZ (Work and Income) as a supplier and are able to accept payment cards. If you need a quote let us know and we will sort one out for you bonus is you dont need to come in to collect. We are happy to email it to you directly or give us your agents email - and we will ensure they get it.


Have an issue with your car or have an accident and want to claim insurance? We work closely with Insurance companies and can initiate quotes and manage the entire process from our end. All we need is your Claim Number or Insurer details.

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What We Do


We do WOF. All inspections are carried out thoroughly and as per the Agency rules. We value safety for all our customers as well as others that we share the road with.

Vehicle Servicing

We have 4 levels of service packages - Basic Service, Full Service, Premium Service options as well as Diesel Service, Transmission Service, Coolant Service, Brake Fluid Service, Log Book Servicing - checkout our Pricing Page.


Full Tyre Service with only the best Hunter powered machines – NEW tyres (recommended) and Second-hand ones (if specifically requested).


We have a huge range of wheels as we have connected with a very large wheel supplier in NZ! Any size, we also do 4WD wheels.

Wheel Alignment

We are fully equipped with Hunter Wheel Balancing and Hunter 3D Wheel Alignment machine. Swing by if you need a wheel alignment!

All Mechanical Repairs

We are able to undertake any mechanical repair on your vehicle. Whether you have a list of WOF fail items to rectify, brakes needing replacing, car not starting..anything and everything dont hesitate to give us a call!

All Panel and Paint

Accidents and Collison repairs no problem! We can panel and paint any vehicle as required. We carry - out Insurance work. We can paint a small part of your car or completely change the colour of your car! - the choice is yours.

Electrical Repair

We have diagnostic scan tools and can diagnose and repair any problems with sensors, 'lights on' the dash etc.

Pre purchase Inspection

Check before you buy! We can advise on the different makes and models, as we are working on them day in and out. Pre-purchase inspections are often overlooked but they are a must when buying a new car! This is a very popular service and well worth the spend, it could save you thousands from a potential bad buy.

Auto Glass

A damaged windscreen isn’t just annoying; it is dangerous and can severely affect your view of the road. It will also likely get your car rejected at your next WOF check. We can complete windscreen repairs, chip repairs and replacements.

Car Batteries

We stock them, contact us and let us know what you require. Call us today!


We can arrange towing to our workshop from any Auckland address at affordable prices. If you live outside Auckland call us to as we may be able to refer you to someone reliable that can!

Installation of Accessories

We can install cameras, alarms, radios - any accessories you need to put in for your car we will be happy to help call us today!

additional services
We know that not every service is fit for everyone. So we have tweeked some

We can tailor any service to your needs.  Just have a chat to us about how we can help.

Only need parts – we sure can source them for you! And because we are small we can charge an extremely low price for them. And we mean any car part, so if you have a ‘hard to find part’ we can guarantee we will find it! We are connected with an array of suppliers and our pricing is extremely competitive!

Do you have your own parts but want us to fit, install, or overhaul something. Save yourself the hassle as we have all the equipment and tools onsite doubled with our knowledge we can get the job done under half the time you could! Let us know we can charge a Labour only charge for the install.

Did you know we can source parts for you! We have a classic car supplier in the USA and Australia that we have connections with that can ship them directly to us here in NZ.

This is not a specifically huge part of our business. But we have numerous clients who drop their vehicles off for a weekly groom. We can do the interior and exterior most clients prefer to add this in with a service. We use waterless products.  Let us know if want to throw in a groom as well.

Have a corporate fleet?

We have the capacity to service your fleets. Let us know so we can connect!

Tell us about your fleet.

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